April Wrap Up 2017

Hello Friends!!! How are you today?

With all the travelling and then later falling ill, I could only read two out of the four ebooks I intended to read this month. But these two were enough to make this month amazing.

So here are the two ebooks I read this month.


White Gold by Rachel Amphlett

white gold


The story follows Dan Taylor, a geologist and ex-soldier, trying to solve his friend Peter Edgewater’s murder. With the help of Peter’s wife Sarah, not only does Dan find the answers to his questions but also find out a sinister plan that could change the future of alternative energy research and the face of terrorism.


This ebook was one of the most action packed books I have ever read. It felt as if I was watching a movie in lines of Jason Borne. It was a super fun and edge of the seat experience for me. Well paced plot with well fleshed characters. Looking forward to reading more of Rachel Amphlett books.



Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson




The story follows Ari Thor, a new policeman at his first posting, in an idyllically quiet fishing village in Northern Iceland called Siglufjörður. First there is this highly esteemed, elderly writer who falls to his death in the local theatre and then a young woman is found lying half naked in the snow, bleeding and unconscious. To top it all of, there’s an avalanche that cuts the town from the rest of the world. Now Ari has to work through all this, and also his own damaged past and turbulent present, and find the killer before it all caves in on him.

This ebook was claustrophobic and chilling yet at the same time it was as beautiful as a sunrise. Though there was a undercurrent tension going on yet still it was calm and serene. Moderately paced with a variety of characters, the ebook gives out what I call the ‘Agatha Christie vibes’. Not every writer can achieve this – to be calm and yet be engaging enough to make the readers keep reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this ebook and looking forward to continue reading the other books in the series.


So that’s all I read this month. Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts? And other which books did you read in the month of April? Do let me know.

Love, Rubina


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