Best Books of 2016

2016 has been a great year for me. In 2015, I was able to read 16 books. But in 2016, I broke the record and read an astonishing 41 books! I am so proud of myself!

Out of all the books I read in 2016, there are a few which stood out. They made a great impact on me, both emotionally and psychologically, and I know that I will always remember these books.

So here are the Best Books of 2016-


best of 2016


Kane and Abel

Written by Jeffrey Archer, Kane and Abel is my favourite book of 2016. Following the journey of Kane and Abel over the span of sixty years and 645 pages was actually an experience of a lifetime for me. This novel follows the lives of Kane and Abel, both on the same day but under different circumstances, whose paths cross over and again. When you have a book with such a long time period, you wonder if the book will turn out to be boring. But nothing of that sorts happened in Kane and Abel. Beautifully paced and skillfully crafted, the novel, one by one, placed all the cards in front of me. And though this novel is more of a drama, it had suspense elements which always kept in on the edge of my seat. Throughout the novel, I was surprised, curious, worried, happy, anxious, cried, face palmed, shocked and again cried in the end. It was such a good novel that it evoked every emotion I had in me. Even after finishing the novel, it lingered on with me for days. I can still feel the emotions whenever I look at the novel, proudly gracing my bookshelf. I am sure that it’s going to be a part of my life forever.


Rage of Angels

Written by Sidney Sheldon, Rage of Angels follows Jennifer Parker rise in the law industry as a glamorous and most successful lawyer in America. What follows is her crossing path with two powerful men who will eventually lead her to her fall. This novel is thrilling and engaging and has something of value to offer on every page. This book, too, covers a long time period, but except for a few earlier pages, it doesn’t turn boring.  Throughout this novel, I could see where all Jennifer headed for the wrong path. At times I shook my head at her decisions. Even wanted to tell it to her face that she going the wrong way. I wish we readers could that. Also, the twists throughout the novel caught me unaware. And by the time I came out of the shock, another twist came rushing through. By the end of the novel, I was in tears, the first time I ever cried over a novel. This book made a lasting impact on me.


All The Light We Cannot See

Written by Anthony Doerr, All The Light We Cannot See follows Marie-Laure, a French blind girl, and Werner, a German orphan, through the war engulfed Europe during the World War II. The major plus point of the novel is its writing style.  The writing has a rhythmic feel to it. It also has great imagery which helps the mind of the readers build the setting in their minds. Seeing Paris through Marie-Laure’s blind eyes makes you see more than actual eyes can do. Werner, on the other hand, is presented with dilemma on every step to pursue his dreams, but all of this is at a cost. This novel highlights that people try to their good against all odds. It also highlights the courage and sacrifice one agrees to in order to do what they think is right. This novel is emotional and delicate. It doesn’t leave you even when it’s over. And the bittersweet ending was cheery on the cake. I am glad that I read this novel.


On Writing

Written by Stephen King, is an extraordinary part memoir-part writing book. This book is divided into five parts: C.V., Toolbox, On Writing, On Living: A Postscript & And Furthermore. Throughout the book, King describes the events of his life and their contribution towards his writing career. Now with non-fiction books, I have seen that they tend to become boring. Craft books like such tend to become preachy and lack lustre. But On Writing is entertaining to read. It is engaging and encouraging. King puts forward the picture of being a writer very clearly. No colouring, no bow-tie. My favourite section of this book was the Toolbox where King lays out the basic tools every writer must have. Also another favourite part was the only writing exercise in the book – the husband-wife scene in chapter 5 of On Writing section. I felt goosebumps reading that part. I was rubbing my hands with an evil grin. This book is a must read for all aspiring writers, be you’re a King fan or not.


I had a memorable time reading these books. If you haven’t read any out these books, then you must. And if you have read any of these books, let me know your thoughts.

Love, Rubina 🙂

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