Bloodhound Christmas Crackers: Midday by David B. Lyons

If you already didn’t know, Bloodhound Books have been a huge part of my blog this year. Helping them share and spread the news of their releases has given me immense pleasure. And today I’m extra happy because I am the one who’s going to put a bow-tie on the #BloodhoundChristmasCrackers celebration! For my turn today, I chose one of my top five 2018 reads – Midday by David B. Lyons. I’m not only going to repost my review of the book which, incidentally, I posted exactly 10 months ago but also a bullet-point reasoning of why you should read this book. Enjoy!




Title: Midday

Author: David B. Lyons

Genre: Thriller

Format: Ebook

Date of Publication:  March 22nd 2018

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

ISBN13: 9781912604074



Four men. Five hours. Eight million Euros.When his alarm goes off at 7 am, bank manager Vincent assumes he is waking up to a regular working day. He couldn’t be more wrong.Minutes later, one of the most ambitious heists in Dublin’s history is underway — and Vincent finds himself at the centre of it.

While his boyfriend Ryan is held at gunpoint by two aspiring gangsters, Vincent is tasked with entering the vaults of the four branches he manages to steal two million euros from each one.

If he doesn’t return by midday with all of the money, Ryan will receive a bullet to the head.

As each minute ticks by, it becomes clear all is not as it seems.
But just who is calling the shots?

And can Vincent make it back in time to save his boyfriend’s life?

The clock is ticking.


David Lyons - Midday_cover_high res

I simply cannot understand how can this book be so good! The story got hold of me from the first chapter. And never for a second did it let me lose my interest. This book played like a movie in my head. I love how the chapters are structured- short, fast paced countdown format with point of views shuffling between the four main characters – Vincent, Ryan, Jack and Darragh. Because of this continuous shift in perspective, we get to know more about the characters and their choices. I loved how each chapter is divided into one-third sections, with the first and third sections being present day and placed seamless between them are the flashbacks. And oh the characters! I felt all the emotions I could feel for these characters. I loved how the focus was only on the four men and their doings. There were no unnecessary fillers. Each character added their flavour to the mix and made this book so much more fun to read. My brain being my brain, I tried to puzzle out who these characters actually are and what are they upto, but I was clean bowled by the author who was way ahead of me. Also, plus point to the author for making the couple a gay one. This was my first read which had gay characters and I didn’t mind it at all. We need more books with more LGBT representations.
The premise of this book is such that till the 50% mark you are only worried about how Vincent is going to do what he is been ordered to. After the mid point, new twists and turns come into play and make things even more interesting than the on-going robbery itself. The last 30% I swore (in my head, of course, couldn’t let others hear me), I paced around the room to calm myself down, and if I am not wrong, the last 10% I had my hand to my mouth, gasping. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I completed this book. I absolutely LOVED this book and could not recommend it enough to you all. Oh how I wish I could have a signed paperback of this novel to grace my bookshelf! One day, surely one day!


Final Verdict:

Midday by David B. Lyons gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.





Bonus Points:

To sum up my feelings for this book, let me put it all in bullet points:

  • This book starts at 7am and ends at midday. This means that you are up on your feet, racing through the five hours of intense action, with the characters.
  • The POVs of the four main characters – Vincent, Ryan, Jack and Darragh – has been written so vividly that you can clearly picture them in your head. There are two characters here I would love to meet. (Sorry can’t name them, spoilers!)
  • Vincent and Ryan – a gay couple without any usual gay cliches. (Thank God!)
  • The author has a very lively imagination, therefore making the novel picturesque.
  • First time I underlined quotes in a novel –

“There is no proof of an afterlife whatsoever, which is why you have to make your years on earth count.”

“A successful relationship isn’t about finding someone you can’t live without, it’s about finding someone you can live with.”

  • If you are a reader like me, you might be in shock for atleast two days from finishing the book.
  • One of the rare times I want a novel turned into a movie. My choice of cast, if I may –

Vincent – Nikolaj Coster Waldau

Ryan – Dave Franco

Jack – Gabriel Byrne

Darragh – Domhnall Gleeson



About the Author:

unnamed Dublin-born author David B. Lyons has a new twist on the psychological thriller. His debut, Midday, will be released on March 22nd and promises readers a thrilling ride. It’s the story of the same extraordinary morning, told from the perspective of four different characters.

David comes from a journalistic background. He worked, mainly, in the areas of football and music reporting for over 12-years, notching a few awards along the way. He tried to write creatively in his spare time, but found the formulaic writing nature of his day job a hindrance. He met with producers about both a play and a TV pilot he had written, but both fell short of being green lit, much to his disappointed. However, it gave him the opportunity to fulfil a life-long dream of finally penning a novel. He completed a BA Hons Degree in Creative Writing and soon after, completed Midday. Three months later, that debut was picked up by Bloodhound Books and early buzz suggests a promising writing career lies ahead for the thirty-nine-year-old.

He now lives in Birmingham, UK with his wife Kerry and daughter Lola. He has read fiction all of his life and notes Dean Koontz as a real inspiration. He is also a big fan of Gillian Flynn as well as rising star Liz Nugent.


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Thank you to the author for writing such an amazing read and also to replying to my messages when I went crazy after finishing this book. Super excited for your next gem!

Thank you to Bloodhound Books, Sarah Hardy and Emma Welton for bringing this gem into my life and also for letting me be a part of the Bloodhound Christmas party!

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