Book Review #20: Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie



Title: Sparkling Cyanide

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Crime, Suspense, Mystery

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 2002

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN13: 9780007136858

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Six people reunite to remember beautiful Rosemary Barton, who died nearly a year before. The loving sister, the long-suffering husband, the devoted secretary, the lovers, the betrayed wife – none of them can forget Rosemary.

But did one of them murder her?


This is the one of the non-Poirot book I absolutely loved. Again, Agatha Christie had me on my toes the whole time. Throughout the book I was continuously using my little grey cells to figure out who did it. But then my trying to use my brains is of no use because Agatha Christie is always way ahead of me. Whenever a theory takes shape in my head, I know she is giving an evil laughter, sensing how naïve I am. Every single word she writes is important and adds to the plot. There is simply nothing that you can dismiss. And even after years of reading her books, I haven’t learnt from this and always get awestruck when she throws a twist. The pace is fast. The plot is full of twists and turns, making you want to read more. The characters are well-fleshed, with every single one of them capable of murder. The writing is crisp, engaging and to the point. With Agatha Christie, more is said in what is not written than in what is written. This quality simply makes her a class apart.


Final Verdict –

Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.


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