Book Review #23: Friday On My Mind by Nicci French



Title: Friday On My Mind (Dr. Frieda Klein book 5)

Author: Nicci French (pseudonym for the writer duo Nicci Gerrard and Sean French)

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: March 31st 2015

Publisher: PENGUIN

ISBN13: 9781405925341

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When the police pull a body from the Thames, the name tag on the wrist says it’s ‘Dr F. Klein’ and the cut throat tells them it was murder. But appearances are deceptive – for Dr Frieda Klein was once the lover of the dead man, Sandy. Now she’s the only suspect.

Frieda can let the police take her in, or run and try to clear her name. But that means being a fugitive. And alone and vulnerable is exactly where Sandy’s killer wants Frieda to be …


The book is daunting, mysterious, thrilling and addictive. This is one book which you cannot put down. The plot is the synopsis above plus twists and turns that you don’t see coming. The pace is fast and never dulls a bit. The writing is what you would except from a good author. But what stands out in this novel are the characters. After a long time I found a great ensemble of characters because of this novel. Our protagonist, Frieda Klein, is one mysterious creature. I read some reviews over at Goodreads and saw that many felt she was cold-hearted. But I didn’t feel that way for her. It’s just that there is a mystery surrounding her which makes the reader wonder if they should root for her or not. But it is this same reason that made me want to know more about. Why is she the way she is? How is she friendly and yet aloof? Why some people adore her while some have gut-wrenching hatred for her? Also, the supporting characters were a blessing. There were quite a number of characters and they all were different. The characters who were standing for the protagonist would go to any limits to help her. And the characters standing against the protagonist would do anything to bring the protagonist down. Each of the characters had prominent contribution towards the story and they helped take the story forward. Now I want to read the books that came before this one to know how each one of them came into the protagonist’s life and why are they so important. Also, there is this one sub-plot which flows below the main plot and keeps you engaged all the time. I would love to know more about this sub-plot.

Final Verdict –

Friday On My Mind by Nicci French gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.


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