Book Review #26: The English Spy Mysteries by Rachel Amphlett

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The English Spy Mysteries is a new concept by the amazing crime thriller author, Rachel Amphlett. Served in episodic form over the first three Sundays of January, this series is a fast-paced and action-packed thriller in the lines of TV shows 24, Alias, and Spooks, and is a must-read for fans of Robert Ludlum, Vince Flynn, and James Patterson.

The order of publication of The English Spy Mysteries – series 1 is as follows:

Episode 1: Assassins Hunted
Episode 2: Assassins Vengeance
Episode 3: Assassins Retribution

I was planning to individually review these books, but then realised that these novellas can’t be read as a standalone. They have to stick together, and so I’ll review them together.

So let’s get started!




Title: Assassins Hunted (The English Spy Mysteries episode 1)

Author: Rachel Amphlett

Genre: Thriller, Spy

Format: E-book

Date of Publication:  January 7th 2018

Publisher: Saxon Publishing

ISBN13: 9780994547972


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Mother. Widow. Spy.

Eva Delacourt has been in hiding for three years after her fiancée was assassinated in cold blood outside the British embassy in Prague.

She thought she was safe.

But someone in the mysterious Section has betrayed her, and now she’s on the run for her life, sworn to protect the six-year-old boy she adores.

Her enemies are closing in, and the odds are not in Eva’s favour. For Eva, the nightmare is just beginning…


From the first sentence of this book, we are dropped right into action. This book sets the atmosphere and mood for the books that follow. As a reader I was with Eva on this journey, trying to find out who is behind all this. Travelling across countries, trying to stay one step ahead of the enemies, I could feel rush and tension Eva and co were going through. Even when they took a breather, all the senses remained alert, never knowing from where you’re going to be attacked. By the time we reach the end, an amazing cliffhanger drops which actually leaves you hanging there wanting to get answers and therefore reading the next book in line.


Final Verdict:

Assassins Hunted by Rachel Amphlett gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.




Title: Assassins Vengeance (The English Spy Mysteries episode 2)

Author: Rachel Amphlett

Genre: Thriller, Spy

Format: E-book

Date of Publication:  January 14th 2018

Publisher: Saxon Publishing

ISBN13: 9780994547989


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Spies. The best unreliable narrators that money can buy…

Eva and her fractured team are on the run, desperate to find answers and uncover who has betrayed them from within the shadowy government organisation known only as the Section.

Evading assassination in Berlin and Prague, Eva has had time to regroup and try to solve the mystery behind the attempts on her life.

But her enemies are one step ahead of her, eliminating anything and anyone who stands in their way.

Hell hath no fury like a woman who’s been shot at and survived… twice


Assassins Vengeance begins where Assassins Hunted ends. We are still in that same action mode, running to save our lives, I mean Eva and co.😝 But it feel like you’re also running to save your life. You never know who attacks you from where. This book adds more to the story and reveals more about Eva’s past and why someone might want her dead. Though this one is a bit less twisty, there are enough to keep you engaged and wanting more. Also, there’s no cliffhanger end in this book but the appearance of 9mm pistol let’s you know that the concluding book is going to be so fun! 😈


Final Verdict:

Assassins Vengeance by Rachel Amphlett gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.




Title: Assassins Retribution (The English Spy Mysteries episode 3)

Author: Rachel Amphlett

Genre: Thriller, Spy

Format: E-book

Date of Publication:  January 21st 2018

Publisher: Saxon Publishing

ISBN13: 9780994547996


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Who spies on the spies?

The net is closing in on Eva and her team, now on the warpath and seeking revenge.

Old alliances are tested, new enemies are exposed, and somehow Eva has to stop a madman unleashing a weapon of terrifying consequences upon an unsuspecting population.

The clock is ticking…


Assassins Retribution begins where Assassins Vengeance ends. We are back where it all began, Prague, where Eva and co are trying to retrace the events that happened three years ago and find out who their enemy is and what his plan is. As with book 1 & 2, here too we are full of action, running, shooting, infiltrating, doing what spies are meant to do. The extra jolt of surprising twists that I felt missing in book 2 was made up for in book 3. There are some major twists that I didn’t see coming and made me sit up questioning everything I knew so far. And the final showdown! It was absolute blast! I mean literally! 😍


Final Verdict:

Assassins Retribution by Rachel Amphlett gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.



Thank you to the author, Rachel Amphlett, for providing me with the e-book ARCs.

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