Book Review #39: Are You Afraid Of The Dark? by Sidney Sheldon

are you afraid of the dark


Title: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Author: Sidney Sheldon

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Format: Paperback

Date of Publication: 2005

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN13: 9780007837083

In New York, Denver, Paris and Berlin, four people have died separately in apparent accidents. Two women — the widows of two of the dead — find themselves under ruthless attack and are drawn together in fear, confusion and for mutual protection. But are they being targeted because one of them is the prosecution witness at a famous criminal trial? Or is there a connection to the mystery behind their husband’s deaths?

Meanwhile, Tanner Kingsley, Chief Executive of an international Think Tank created only seven years ago, is on the cusp of an amazing discovery which could alter the future of the world. If properly handled, the outcome of this could deliver unbelievable power into the company’s hands. But are the mysterious deaths connected to this volatile secret? And can it be further protected?

Thrown together, the women could not be more different: Diane Stevens is a well-connected, affluent artist from the Upper East Side. Philadelphia neighbourhood with a new ‘uncle’ every month, believed she had at last found safety and contentment in Paris, married to a brilliant scientist.

Sidney Sheldon is seriously the master of unexpected!!! I don’t understand why I took me so long to pay him a visit! But I’m glad I did! This book is FULL of twists and turns! The suspense is tailor-made to precision, the characters full of vivid colours and vitality. Every chapter had so many twists to punch you with. All will be going well and then there’ll be just this one line that will make you trip and fall. The twists were simple but oh so effective! Many a times I had to keep the book aside and laugh hysterical. Yes, like a mad woman, because Sheldon was playing with my brains. I loved all the characters – both good and bad – oh the bad were so good at being bad. I loved the interactions between the characters and how they reacted to the different situations they were thrown into. I miss this kind of a novel- the one where the protagonist is on the run and always on the edge and the antagonist and his men always seem to be a step ahead of them until the last moment. The ending of this book was something I knew was brewing but still it felt so satisfying when I read it. I loved every bit of this book! The cherry on the cake – the afterword. This helps you understand what is actually happening in our society and how Sheldon so skillfully made a story out of it. I highly recommend this book!

Final Verdict:
Are You Afraid Of The Dark by Sidney Sheldon gets 5 out 5 stars from me.

If you would like to read this book, you can buy it here.

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