Book Review #32: Call to Arms by Rachel Amphlett

call to arms


Title: Call to Arms (Detective Kay Hunter book 5)

Author: Rachel Amphlett

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Format: E-book

Date of Publication:  March 11th 2018

Publisher: Saxon Publishing

ISBN13: 9780648235521


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Loyalty has a price.

Kay Hunter has survived a vicious attack at the hands of one of the country’s most evil serial killers.

Returning to work after an enforced absence to recover, she discovers she wasn’t the only victim of that investigation.

DI Devon Sharp remains suspended from duties, and the team is in turmoil.

Determined to prove herself once more and clear his name, Kay undertakes to solve a cold case that links Sharp to his accuser.

But, as she gets closer to the truth, she realises her enquiries could do more harm than good.

Torn between protecting her mentor and finding out the truth, the consequences of Kay’s enquiries will reach far beyond her new role…


This book is different from the the previous books in the series. In the earlier books, a new case would come up which Kay and her colleagues had to tackle. Along with that, there was always a sub plot on the slow burner which would keep grabbing your attention to make sure you don’t forget it. I would also add here that the sub plots in these books were the reason I continued reading them. In this book, we have a cold case in hand which could make or break Kay’s senior Devon Sharp’s career and therefore life at the station. This case has its own twists and turns, making you wonder why the new revelations never came up during the investigation. And though the conclusion was surprising it was not shocking. Also, this book was not as gruesome as the previous books, which definitely added flavour in the previous books. Other than that, I loved seeing Kay, Barnes, Gavin, Carys, Sharp, Adam and also Larch (which is a shock, I never liked him) again. I feel this book is setting up for what’s to come next. I wonder what it might be…

Again as precaution, I would suggest you to read the previous books in the series before diving into this one. Only then you’ll get the full picture and the right feel of the plot.


Final Verdict –

Call to Arms by Rachel Amphlett gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.


Thank you to the author, Rachel Amphlett, for providing me with the e-book ARC.

Call to Arms releases on the 11th March, 2018.


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