Book Review #43: Deception Wears Many Face by Maggie James



Title: Deception Wears Many Faces

Author: Maggie James

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Format: Ebook

Date of Publication:  June 15th 2018

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

ISBN 13: 9781912604401


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When  Lyddie  takes  her  sister  to  Devon  to  recover  after  a  recent  suicide  attempt,  it  starts  a  train  of  events  that  will  put  their  lives  in  grave  danger.

Ellie  has  been  the  victim  of  a  professional  con  artist,  one  who  stole  her  savings,  then  disappeared  from  her  life.  Driven  by  her  own  history  of  failed  relationships,  Lyddie  vows  revenge  on  the  man  who  broke  her  sister’s  heart.

Soon  she  assumes  a  false  identity  and  begins  her  hunt  for  a  man  she  knows  to  be  cold,  calculating  and  ruthless.  But  who  is  fooling  whom?  And  can  Lyddie  find  the  justice  she  seeks  and  heal  her  damaged  sister?


What did I just read? This book completely blew off my mind. I have been wanting to read a revenge story for a long time. So when this book came up on my radar, I had to grab it. And I am glad I did! Not only is Deception Wears Many Faces an amazing revenge thriller, it is so much more and beyond your expectations. The moment our protagonist, Lyddie, takes it upon herself to extact revenge from the con man who broke her sister’s heart, I was pulled into the black hole. Never for a moment did my attention waver from the story. I just HAD to know how Lyddie will accomplish her plan and come out safe. But then the book starting taking dark turns and I started to having doubts that is Lyddie safe. Throughout the read I was shaking my head, things were too simple, too easy for Lyddie and I could see that Lyddie was in deeper trouble than she thought. I wanted to get hold of her shoulders and shake her, wanted her to see that she might not be going the right way. Also, I had a feeling that more to the story that what actually appears to be the case, and I was right! The book has amazing twists and shocking turns. At one point, I was walking in one direction and then the book made me do a 180. After some time, the book again tapped me on the shoulder and made me do another 180. And I was like, ‘Heck! What are you doing to me?’ What I didn’t know that the book had another surprise for me which would made me do a 360. And do you know what’s great? I loved all the 180s and 360s this book made do. It was all worth it! Need I say that this book is a must read? Get you hands on this book ASAP!


Final Verdict:

Deception Wears Many Faces by Maggie James gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for providing me with the e-book through NetGalley.

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