Book Review #77: Honey Talk by Declan Davey

Title: Honey Talk (The Talk Series 1)

Author: Declan Davey

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Format: Ebook

Date of Publication: June 11th 2019

Publisher:  Psych Thrillers Ltd


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A cat-and-mouse game of therapy takes Lily down the backstreets of her traumatic past … Peeling the layers could drag her into perilous territory. Will she find a way out from the depths of her mind?

Professionally thriving yet personally floundering, it’s clear that Lily’s mid-thirties mark a point where seeking help is essential.

The chance arises when an impromptu arrangement begins to carve a path away from stubborn memories.

Forget walking the walk, the question is, can Lily talk the talk?

Honey Talk is the debut novel by author Declan Davey and I have to say it’s a great start.

Short, crisp chapters which flow with the ease like that of hot knife on butter, Honey Talk will make you question your own sanity. As I followed Lily trying to solve her past problems, I felt like I was stuck in quick sand. The more I tried to make sense of what Lily is battling through, the more I was pulled into the sand. At one point I just left everything and let the narrative take me where it wants me to go.

What I loved most about the book was the voice of the book. It felt like someone was narrating this story to me, instead of me reading it. Just like the voices in Lily’s head. This proves the point that it is a psychological thriller as it played with my head too!

Final Verdict:

Honey Talk by Declan Davey gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.

About the Author:

Declan Davey is a psychological thriller author, with a professional background in psychology working for the NHS and various charities. He aims to serve you by providing suspenseful content that is emotive, succinct and memorable.

‘Honey Talk’ will be the first release in ‘The Talk Series.’ Books in this series can also read as stand-alones, but with a key connecting theme: how dark events from the past affect the present. The story lines will explore how individuals talk about and attempt to make sense of troubling events from years gone by. Some of those individuals will succeed, others will not …

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Thank you to author Declan Davey for sending me a review copy!