Book Review #78: Murder Unearthed by Anita Waller

Title: Murder Unearthed (Kat and Mouse Murder Mystery #3)

Author: Anita Waller

Genre: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Sleuth Mystery

Format: Ebook

Date of Publication: July 2nd 2019

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

ISBN13: 9781912986422

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When DI Tessa Marsden is called to a road traffic accident, she is disturbed by the crime scene she must investigate. She now has a double murder to contend with; two dead girls from the same village.

Realising the murders aren’t linked, Marsden summons the help of the Connection Investigation Agency, run by Kat, a church Deacon, Beth, (known affectionately as Mouse), a computer expert, and Doris, Beth’s feisty grandmother.

When it is discovered that one of the murdered girls was pregnant the case takes an unexpected turn.

Can DI Marsden, with the input of Kat and Mouse, solve the case before another body appears?

Meanwhile, the agency has been asked to track down the long lost son of Ewan Barker. Will Kat, Mouse and Doris find him and reunite him with his father?

This might just be their toughest investigation yet…

The ladies are back in the game!

The book starts right off the bat with the hiding of a murder. With the first sentence of the chapter, I was drawn into the mystery of the story. The way the book starts gave me the feel that I’m in the right place with the right read.

Like the previous two installments of the Kat and Mouse series, Murder Unearthed, too, has the countryside, Agatha Christie feel I always love. Two girls dead on the same night with no clues as to what happened to them and how it happened was an immediate hook. These two were the main murder investigations going on, along with which we had three more smaller but equally engaging sub plots which kept me at the edge and constantly worried about the three ladies – Kat, Mouse and Doris. All these cases and personal worries of the characters kept me hooked to the story and made sure I saw it through till the end. The small twists thrown in at strategic places did surprise me but, I have to say, I saw the major twist coming. At least I had some idea, so it didn’t hit me like a brick but that didn’t take its charm away. One thing I would have loved to see was a bit more involvement of the Ladies in the murder investigations taken care by DI Marsden. Other than that, I enjoyed another Anita Waller read.

Final Verdict:

Murder Unearthed by Anita Waller gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.

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About the Author:

Anita was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and has lived all her life there. She has three adult children and seven grandchildren ranging in age from 9 months to 21 years. Anita and Dave have been married almost 49 years!

She wrote Beautiful in 1985 and had it accepted for publication. They were the contract stage when the publishing house went into liquidation.

Like many another book it ended up in the loft until two years ago when she resurrected it, retyped all 100,000 words (it was orginally written on an Amstrad 8256 and all she had was a hard copy!) and sent it off to Bloodhound Books.

She is now retired from my life of being a Patchwork Tutor and HGV driver’s wife and concentrates on patchwork for the pleasure of it and writing. She started writing at around the age of 8 – she clearly remembers writing ‘novels’ at that age which were actually short stories split into chapters!

Anita’s genre is murder – but murder with a good reason behind it!

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