January/Birthday Book Haul 2018


This birthday I went CRAZY!

I mean it!

I don’t think I have acquired so many books ever in my birth month. I went way over-board this year. I got 11 paperbacks and 14 ebooks! Yup! But who’s complaining? Not me. 😉

I gifted myself some, some I got at discount price/free, some I received from generous authors, and a couple of them were genuine gifts from others.

I wasn’t planning to write a book haul post but I want to keep a record of the books I got, so here we go.


deadlier beneath the scarlet sky unsub magpipe murders marked for revenge a curious beginning i am watching you say you're sorry the lullaby girl sins of father best kept secret

Ebooks –

hunted retribution vengeance real artists dont starve london belongs to me masterpiece bad sons locked up in the shadows those that remain the forgotten carrion the suicide plan brick

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