Rubina Reads Awards

I love reading. It’s my way of experiencing life other than my own. And reading gratifies my soul. I love how books make me feel, how they make me think and understand and how they help me live my life. Giving just star ratings and reviews doesn’t make me truly express how I feel about the books. That is when Rubina Reads Awards was born.

Rubina Reads Awards is an annual event where I award the books I read throughout the year. With over 20 nominations, I celebrate my reading and encourage others to do the same. The award commences on 8th of January of the new year and goes on till the end of the month. The first day, I’ll mention the nominations and the nominees. The nominees are the books I read in the previous year. Then from the second day onwards, I declare one winner per day. By the end of the month, we are done with all the nominations and it’s party time. The event takes place over at my Instagram and is shared on Twitter and Facebook as well. At the end of the month, I’ll post the whole list of winners here in this blog.

Rubina Reads Awards is my way of appreciating and thanking the books and authors that have changed my life forever. Hope you find it fun too. 🙂

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